Bérenger Saunière and Les Veilles des Chaumières (1911)
Rennes-le-Château: Crouquet (1948) and Girou (1936)
Saunière Domain 1918 – Over-Priced Turkey
Saunière's Advertisements for Masses
Bérenger Saunière and the Cercle Catholique de Narbonne
Bérenger Saunière and his Mass Trafficking...
Rennes-le-Château and the Cathars
René Descadeillas and Saunière's trafficking in masses
The Horror of Rennes Le Chateau documentary (2015)
The Octopus and the Priory of Sion
Henry Lincoln (real name, Henry Soskin)
The Ruins of a Mystery by Dr Paul G Bahn (1991)
The Devil's Armchair in Rennes-les-Bains
Rennes-le-Château: Inscriptions on Gravestones
Rennes-le-Château excavations 2009-2013
Rennes-le-Château: Names To Conjure With...
More Rhedesium Conspiracy Theories
Rhedesium and “Les Pontils cemetery”
Rhedesium Rennes-le-Château Conspiracy Theories
Pierre Plantard's Rubbish
Pierre Plantard and the “tomb of Gnaius Pompey”
Pierre Plantard and the Vichy Regime
Abbé Rivière and Espéraza Great War Memorial
Resurrection of Jesus Christ in Espéraza
Rennes-le-Château Fairy Gold
Bérenger Saunière and The Pulpit
Rennes-le-Château – 60 Years of Nothing Anniversary
Laurent Buchholtzer and Bérenger Saunière: A Response
Bérenger Saunière's “Treasure” and Pierre Plantard
Bérenger Saunière and La Semaine de Suzette
Did Bérenger Saunière and Marie Dénarnaud have a baby?
Michael Baigent's Dishonest Claims
Alfred Leslie Lilley visiting St Sulpice
Hugues de Payen and “Catherine Saint-Clair”
De Chèrisey's Big Parchment: Why Stephen Anderson Is Wrong
Key To The Sacred Pattern: Two Faked Photographs
Bérenger Saunière and Emma Calvé
Review of Lynn Picknett's “Rennes-le-Château Revealed”
“Rennes-le-Château Treasure” Questions & Answers
René Descadeillas 1962 and 1974
Abbé Mazières, Patrick Mensior and Coume Sourde “Stone”
Coume Sourde “Stone” Questions & Answers
Philippe de Chèrisey and his Rennes-le-Château “facts”
Philippe de Chèrisey, Oulipo and Georges Perec
L’affaire de Rennes-le-Château by Georges Bertin
Marie Dénarnaud Letter, 11 January 1929
Rennes-le-Château and the Secret Services
Coumesourde “stone” Revelations 1962-1967
Marie Dénarnaud – Big Borrower
Bérenger Saunière – not “cleared of Simony”
Marie Dénarnaud burning money
Rennes-le-Château and Ignace Paris
Bérenger Saunière and Fulcran Vigouroux
The Fantasy “Temple Rond at Blanchefort”
Émile Hoffet – Fantasies and Realities
Émile Hoffet – Another Mistake
Pierre Plantard and World War 2
Bérenger Saunière and the Habsburgs
Pierre Plantard and The French Police
Philippe de Chèrisey's “Gladio” in Circuit
Rennes-le-Château treasure debunked by Midi-Libre, 1967
Pierre Plantard in Prison
Rennes-le-Château Misconceptions
The Da Vinci Code: The Death of Robert Langdon
Bérenger Saunière and the ‘Jesu medela vulnerum’ Inscription
Pierre Plantard’s TEMPLE ROND – Timeline
Pierre Plantard and his “Underground Temple”
Rennes-le-Château: Two Fake Parchments
Pierre Plantard and Roque Négre (Mount Blanchefort)
Le Serpent Rouge – Classic Fake
Bérenger Saunière and Mary Magdalene
Rennes-le-Château Researchers & Hoaxsters
The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail – Book Review
Pierre Plantard, Saviour of France… by Jean-Jacques Bedu
The Bibliography of Fantastic Beliefs
Priory of Sion Bibliography
The Da Vinci Code Documentaries and DVDs
Pierre Plantard and Captain Way
Pierre Plantard and Valéry Giscard d'Estaing
Pierre Plantard Criminal Convictions 1953 and 1956
Pierre Plantard – The False Prophet
Pierre Plantard Facts From Monsieur Claude Charlot
File GA P7, Police Reports on Pierre Plantard
The Real Historical Origin of the Priory of Sion
Priory of Sion Archive – Interview with Jean-Luc Chaumeil
Rennes-le-Château and Priory of Sion – English language books
The 1989 Plantard Comeback
Judge Thierry Jean-Pierre and the End of the Priory of Sion
Jesus, his wife and the Merovingians by Philippe de Cherisey

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