Philippe de Chèrisey and his Rennes-le-Château “facts”

Paul Smith

12 August 2015

Philippe de Chèrisey's ramblings in his Priory of Sion documents just cannot be trusted

For example, it was the school in Rennes-le-Château that burnt down, not the Town Hall (Pierre Jarnac, Histoire du Rennes-le-Château, page 269, 1985)
And the 1961 dates are all wrong
These anomalies were highlighted during the 1980s

Philippe de Chèrisey got things wrong everywhere in his 1978 document L’Enigme de Rennes

Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chèrisey parted company in 1983, when de Chèrisey began collaborating with Paul Rouelle (his dentist) on a book which would have incorporated the Priory of Sion concepts.

French author Pierre Jarnac reproduced part of a letter he received dated 22 May 1985 from Pierre Plantard: “You need to know only that I have no involvement whatsoever with the 'deathless prose' of Monsieur Philippe de Chèrisey, who was the co-author with Monsieur Paul Rouelle of the book COURT-CIRCUIT, lodged with the BN in December 1984 or January 1985, which dragged my name through the mud. The Marquis de Chèrisey was a good friend of mine from university days, but I very often disapprove of his books which are really quite bizarre” (Les Archives de Rennes-le-Château, page 550, Tome 2, Editions Bélisane, Nice, 1988).