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Rest In Peace
Niven Sinclair (Nivien James Sinclair),
3 April 1924 – 6 July 2017

Niven Sinclair was a powerhouse promoter and propagandist of the Rosslyn Chapel myths and the “discovery of America by Henry Sinclair”, inspiring countless Scots from all over the world to believe in these alternative fringe histories, rivalling the previous success of Frederick Pohl. He was considered a guru in this respect (and still is posthumously). He has been congratulated for joining the Sinclair Clan together.

Niven Sinclair was once reported to have said, “That which is born in the bone can never be driven out of the blood”. He alluded on film that his family was of the Bloodline of Jesus Christ, when interviewed by Elizabeth Vargas on the ABC News documentary, “Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci” (2003). Charles DiFazio wrote a speculative novel based on this, Secrets of The Royal Blood (Amazon Digital Services, 2015).


* 1991: Niven Sinclair commissioned Marianna Lines to make a cloth-rubbing of The Westford Knight.
* 1992: Niven Sinclair and Judith Fisken formed “The Friends of Rosslyn”.
* 1995: Niven Sinclair presented the documentary “The Templar Renaissance: The History of The Templar Movement” (NTSC Video Cassette,
* 1999: Niven Sinclair Study Centre was established in the Noss Head Lighthouse buildings, Caithness, Scotland – subsequently renamed The Clan Sinclair Library when the property and the archives were purchased by Malcolm Ian Sinclair, the 20th Earl of Caithness and The Clan Sinclair Trust, in 2006. The chief archivist was Ian Sinclair (1939-2014) with the assistance of his partner, Joan Burton.

Niven Sinclair was a supporter of Laurence Gardner. From his condolence letter of 6 September 2010:

He opened our eyes (and our minds) to the reality or the truth behind the story of Jesus and the Christian church. We Sinclairs have always believed that Christianity was hijacked by the Romans; that a religion of brotherly love became a religion of Hell and Damnation. Earl William St Clair knew this. He also knew if he said so, that he (like millions before him) would be accused of heresy and hanged so he built Rosslyn Chapel, which is a story in stone; a story which tells us that God and Nature are One. Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to realise that all living things are inter-dependent.

Laurence's work will live on because of its essential truth. His courage in exposing the religious superstitions which have beggared, bewitched and impoverished us all (intellectually and physically) for 2000 years cannot be overstated. Alas, the truth is a World which few people have the courage to explore and those who do are invariably maligned for upsetting the apple cart.

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